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Master of Science in Nursing (M.S.N.)



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Rachel Parrill, Ph.D., M.S., RN

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Amy Voris, D.N.P, RN, CNE

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Chu-Yu Huang, Ph.D., RN


Normal Saline, Human Albumin, hypovolemia, hypotension


Problem: 5% human albumin is used very frequently in the hospital setting with hypotensive post-surgical patients. There are associated risks with the use of human albumin and it has been shown that normal saline is at least as effective in treating extreme hypotension in this patient population.

Significance: Associated risks that are present with the use of human albumin may be equal to those of the risks of whole blood transfusions. In addition weight gain and fluid retention are complications associated with the use of human albumin versus the use of normal saline. Furthermore, human albumin costs $40.59 more than normal saline solution.

Methods: Literature review and the IOWA Model.

Results: Patients who are not at risk for post-perfusion syndrome, pulmonary hypertension, on strict intake and output regulation, or increased vascular permeability and are experiencing hypotension secondary to hypovolemia post-operatively would benefit from normal saline as a first line therapy.

Key words: hypotension, fluid resuscitation, fluid loss, hypovolemia, cost, safety, post-operative, colloid, crystalloid, human albumin, 5% albumin, normal saline, saline

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