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Master of Science in Nursing (M.S.N.)



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Chu-Yu Huang, Ph.D., RN

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Delaney, Elizabeth MSN


Spiritual care, geriatric, cancer


A solid understanding of spiritual quality of life (SQOL) is critical for healthcare providers as they strive to achieve optimum care of geriatric cancer patient. However, there is a gap in the current literature regarding SQOL in geriatric cancer patients. Therefore, the purpose of this descriptive correlational study was to describe the spiritual quality of life (SQOL) among geriatric cancer patients as it relates to their demographic characteristics and self described wellness. A convenience sample of 32 participants from a cancer center in Midwest Ohio were recruited for this study. The participants completed the World Health Organization Quality of Life-Spiritual, Religious, Personal Beliefs (WHO QOL-SRPB) survey. The WHO QOL-SRPB survey is a paper-and-pencil 5-Likert scale survey used to measure SQOL in nine facets. Nine facet scores and the overall SQOL score were calculated. The results of this survey indicated that there is a positive statistically significant correlation between spiritual quality of life and the participant’s self-described health status and religious beliefs. The highest facet score was found in facet nine (spiritual religious personal beliefs) with an average score of 3.84; whereas and the lowest scoring facet was facet 6 (inner peace) with an average score of 3.64. The overall SQOL score (domain 6) was 15, with a possible range of scores between 4 and 20. Recommendations for future studies include utilizing a larger sample size, a qualitative study to gain insight into geriatric cancer patients’ experiences regarding SQOL, and investigating SQOL interventions and outcomes.



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