Pharmaceutical Sciences Faculty Dissertations



Dissertations from 2008


Maturational Changes in Myosin Light Chain Kinase Activity in Ovine Carotids, Elisha R. Injeti

Dissertations from 2005

Alkaloids, Oxasqualenoids, Quassinoids and Protolimonoids from Castela, Esenbeckia and Spathelia, Denise S. Simpson

Dissertations from 2001


Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Mechanisms of Ethanol Toxicity in the Spinal Neural Crest, Melissa J. Beck

Dissertations from 1991

Hormonal Regulation of Uterine Cell Death (Apoptosis), Rocco J. Rotello

Dissertations from 1984

The Binding of Benzo(A)pyrene Metabolites to Chromosomal Subfractions, Rebecca Jane Trafzer-Gryka