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Novel κ-opioid Receptor Antagonists Derived from Salvinorin A

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Poster Session

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International Narcotics Research Conference


Berlin, Germany


Salvinicins A and B are neoclerodane diterpenes from the Mexican mint Salvia divinorum. These compounds are congeners of salvinorin A, one of the major metabolites of S. divinorum and a selective κ-opioid receptor ligand. Naturally occurring compounds possessing a furan ring, for example salvinorin A, are of limited medicinal value due to their potential to produce hepatotoxic eff ects. Preparation of salvinicin-like analogues was undertaken in order to further delineate structure-activity relationships and to identify compounds with reduced hepatotoxic potential. Two of these analogues were found to possess κ antagonist activity and are the fi rst neoclerodane diterpenes reported to display such activity. The synthetic routes to these compounds along with their activity at opioid receptors will be presented. This research is funded by a grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (DA 18151).


Kappa opioids, salvinorin A, pharmacy, narcotics