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Chelsea Manion; Aleda Chen


systematic review, antineoplastic agent, chemotherapy, cost, cost analysis, efficacy, cost-effectiveness



The rising cost of chemotherapy dramatically increases the burden on healthcare and presents new challenges in achieving optimal patient outcomes. New treatments, in general, are more specialized but show minor progress in regards to efficacy. Accordingly, the threat of overpaying for chemotherapy regimens has increased. There is a need for a comprehensive review to compile relevant studies in order to inform clinician decisions on the basis of cost-effectiveness and quality of life.


Therefore, the aim of this project is to assess the cost-effectiveness of anticancer medications with a special focus on the quality of life of patients undergoing chemotherapy, with the intent to form recommendations that unite evidence-based literature with clinical practice. The long term goal is to create a clinical reference for prescribers to use in order to make more informed decisions on chemotherapy regimens.


In line with the objectives above, eligibility criteria was established to refine the database results. An initial literature search will be conducted to verify appropriateness of the eligibility criteria and search terms. Upon finalizing study selection parameters, abstracts will be reviewed and full text articles will be retrieved. Grey literature will be searched to eliminate publication bias. Hand searchers will be performed to ensure all studies in relevant journals will be retrieved. Selected articles will be reviewed and rated based on a modified GRADE approach. Studies will be synthesized based on GRADE score and pharmacoeconomic analysis.

Analysis ­­

Studies will be given a preference status based on their GRADE score and pharmacoeconomic analysis. Final recommendations will be made at the professional judgements of the researchers based on pharmacoeconomic data extracted from studies weighted by preference status.

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