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Design of Organ-based Therapeutics Modules Using Mixed Pedagogies with a TBL/PBL Foundation

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Poster Session

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American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Annual Meeting


Chicago, IL


The School of Pharmacy values the principle that students should become independent, lifelong learners. We believe integrated teaching to be the best vehicle for producing professionals who are servant-leaders with high standards. The Systems and Disease State Modules pedagogy includes multiple teaching and learning strategies. A primary strategy to ensure breadth and application of content is team-based learning (TBL). In addition, problem-based learning (PBL) strategies will be implemented to provide an environment for student pharmacists to develop self-directed learning skills to obtain new knowledge while solving a series of problems. Each week will have an active learning based Integrated Sciences environment that will ask the student pharmacist to explore the connection and application between foundational sciences content and the patient care innovations or research. Skills lab will reinforce and build upon the patient assessment skills developed in Patient Care and Safety. Simulation experiences such as pre-recorded scenarios may be used as part of skills development in the modules. Finally, each module will end in the presentation of Grand Rounds by teams of student pharmacists. Each presentation should focus on critical thinking and exploring of a focused medication issue. These issues could be foundational science in nature or a clinical controversy. A rubric was used to assess the pedagogy and vertical integration of each module.


Organ-based therapeutics