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Implementation and Evaluation of “The Age Game”: An Interactive Tool to Increase Pharmacy Student Awareness of Geriatric Pharmacotherapy

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Conference Presentation

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American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Annual Meeting


Minneapolis, MN


Objectives: To implement and evaluate an interactive student-directed learning method used to facilitate students' knowledge of health-related needs of older patients, enhance their communication techniques, and stimulate thought and discussion regarding the multiple factors that can complicate drug therapy in the senior population. Methods: A set of highly interactive scenarios were used to stimulate discussion regarding age-related pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic changes, geriatric disease related changes, geriatric pharmacotherapy, physical assessment of the older patient, and communication skills necessary to assist in the counseling of older patients. These scenarios were used in a board game format in which the student “ages” as they progress around the board experiencing decline in vision, hearing and dexterity. A survey assessing the game was administered upon completion. Results: The Age Game was implemented in geriatrics elective courses offered on two different campuses in which 47 students participated. Overall evaluation of the Age Game as a useful learning tool was positive (mean score: 4.38/5). Implications: Results indicate the Age Game was a successful strategy to introduce students to the complex needs of the geriatric patient. Further implementation and integration of the Age Game should be considered to expose a greater number of students to their unique role in caring for older patients and recognizing the limitations and challenges the senior population faces.


Pharmacy students, education, The Age Game, geriatrics, pharmacotherapby