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Longitudinal Progression from IPPE to APPE: Beyond Shadowing

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Poster Session

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American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Annual Meeting


Boston, MA


Wingate University School of Pharmacy meets the 2007 ACPE standards for introductory pharmacy practice (IPPE) experience by incorporating increasingly complex skill building IPPEs into the curriculum of professional years 1, 2, and 3. Each year is formatted differently building on the foundation of knowledge, skills, and abilities of the previous year. Starting the first semester of the first year, students complete 3–4 hours of training twice weekly for one semester in a community pharmacy. This situated learning tracks with didactic material – pharmacy laws, direct patient counseling, OTC education, pricing, MTM, insurance plans, assessing the value of team work, and impact of positive attitudes in the community pharmacy. In the IPPE-2 program, the students participate in an introductory hospital experience for 56 hours in either summer or fall. A didactic class is required of P2 students in the spring semester with weekly assignments and topics including laws and regulations, medication administration records, role of P&T committee, communication, HIPAA, IV medication preparation, and team work in the hospital. Uniquely, third year students are precepted by full-time pharmacy faculty in both an inpatient and ambulatory care experience for a total of 120 hours. In this IPPE, students are novice practitioners beginning to utilize basic clinical skills. These skills are enhanced by learning activities embedded throughout the P3 year such as engaging in cycles of problem solving cases (PBL), and leading seminars. Assessments show WUSOP pharmacy students are better prepared to face clinical challenges in their APPE after these progressive skill building experiences.


IPPE, APPE, pharmacy students, shadowing, preceptorship