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Pharmacists' Perception of Pharmacogenomics in Their Profession

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Conference Presentation

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American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Annual Conference


Chicago, IL


Objectives: This study assesses pharmacists' (both community and hospital) perception of usefulness of “Pharmacogenomics” in their professional activities. In addition, this survey determines the need for educational and training requirements in pharmacogenomics for practicing pharmacists.

Methods: A “29 item Likert type questionnaire” has been developed which will be administered online through to a group of 100 pharmacists in the commonwealth of Kentucky. This group of Pharmacists are preceptors or prospective preceptors of the participating Sullivan University College of Pharmacy. The survey will contain an electronic attachment stating the aims and objective of this study assuring anonymity for the entire process with a request to return the completed questionnaire within a month. Demographic information will also be elicited.

Results: Completed surveys will be analyzed using the SPSS software. Descriptive and inferential statistics will be reported.

Implications: The study will provide an insight regarding the adaptibility of practicing pharmacists in integrating the concept of “Pharmacogenomics” in their professional activities, as they are expected to use pharmacogenomics more frequently as they provide “MTM” to their patients.


Pharmacogenomics, pharmacy practice, community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, MTM