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Developing a Longitudinal Drug Information (DI) Experiential Education Module for Professional Pharmacy Students in a New Doctor of Pharmacy Program

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Conference Presentation

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American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Annual Conference


Chicago, IL


Objectives: To establish a student centered longitudinal DI experiential module to promote and advance DI skill building and to accommodate more students on DI experiential education.

Methods: Drug Information forms an integral part of pharmacy education helping students gain the knowledge and build the literature evaluation skills required in their professional practice. During 2007 site visit, the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) team made a recommendation to the College to consider Drug Information a required practice experience for all students. Due to limited sites, a longitudinal approach was considered. A comprehensive literature search was conducted in selected databases to determine the status of DI longitudinal experiential components in pharmacy programs. Although, most institutions have well established longitudinal programs for other practices, there is limited information regarding Drug Information. The Director of the DI Center in conjunction with the office of the Experiential Education therefore designed a longitudinal DI component to achieve this purpose. The students will be randomly selected into the longitudinal module after the block assignment is made. They will be exposed to a year long experience spending 4 hours a week in the DI center coupled with 5 weeks project blocks. Students will be evaluated on five major skill-building areas.

Result: Experiential educational outcomes, course outcomes, objectives, design, and 5 skill building activities will be presented.

Implications: This model will promote and advance skill building over time assisting students master DI skills and to provide an avenue to accommodate more students than the traditional block module allows.


Drug information, longitudinal model, experiential education, pharmacy students