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Using a Guided Self-Teaching Technique to Help Students Learn to Efficiently Navigate Drug Information Databases

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Conference Presentation

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American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Annual Conference


Kansas City, MO


Objectives: To help students teach themselves to use drug information databases using a structured, self-teaching, form.

Methods: Fourth professional year pharmacy students on Drug Information clerkship are required to effectively use drug information databases to respond to questions. Although students receive training on selected databases during their first and second professional years, often times they do not remember how to use the databases efficiently and require additional training on clerkship. A data collection form was created to guide students through the systematic exploration of various drug information databases. The form includes the following fields: database name, scope of information, database features, search functions, search strategies, advantages, disadvantages, and personal opinion of the database. After completing the form, the student is responsible for conducting hands-on training of their other classmates on the Drug Information clerkship under preceptors' supervision. Thus far, 6 students have completed an opinion survey regarding the usefulness of this form in helping them to use the database.

Results: Data collection is on going.

Implications: Students take responsibility for learning to use drug information databases and teaching their peers. In addition, they learn a skill (of self-teaching) that can be used in the future when newer database are developed.


Drug information databases, pharmacy students, training, education