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Student Perceptions of a Self-Care Course Taught Exclusively by Team-based Learning and Utilizing Twitter

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Currents in Pharmacy Teaching & Learning





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Objective: To assess student perceptions of the use of team-based learning (TBL) and Twitter in an Introduction to Self-Care course.

Methods: A total of 53 pharmacy students enrolled in an Introduction to Self-Care course were asked to complete a survey assessing their perceptions of teaching methods utilized in the course (i.e., TBL and the social media platform Twitter). The survey focused on student perceptions of teamwork, workload, and knowledge gained during the course, as well as the integration of Twitter into the course. A 7-point Likert-type scale was used to assess the students’ responses. Descriptive statistics were used to analyze the results.

Results: Overall, 51 (96%) students completed the survey upon completion of the course. When asked if they agreed with the statement, “I prefer traditional lecture style classes over TBL,” the median response was “somewhat disagree.” The median response to the statement “this course prepared me to navigate the clinical decision making process” was “agree.” The median response to the statement, “I enjoyed utilizing Twitter as a communication tool during this course” was “somewhat disagree.” On average, students somewhat disagreed that Twitter was beneficial for their engagement in the class.

Conclusions: Overall, TBL and the course were viewed favorably. The survey revealed improvements that need to be made in the course, including increasing the course to three credit hours and reshaping the use of social media to better engage students in discussion beyond the classroom.


Active learning, self-care, social media, team-based learning, Twitter