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Interactive Approaches to Teaching Clinical Toxicology: Integrating Pharmaceutical Sciences, Drug Information and Poison Control Centers

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American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education





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Objectives: To design and implement an interactive approach to teaching clinical toxicology in pharmacy curriculum.

Method: Clinical Toxicology is a discipline that explores the adverse effects of xenobiotics on living organisms. Currently, toxicology is not required by ACPE curriculum standards and thus limited literature exists on experiential learning in the field of toxicology. In designing this elective, we have integrated pharmacological and toxicological expertise from the department of pharmaceutical sciences, drug information and poison control centers. A combination of didactic and experiential learning will facilitate doctor of pharmacy students' comprehension and retention of key toxicology principles. Dynamic teaching methods include lectures, guest speakers from experts in the field, drug information resources, an on-site poison control visit, and opportunities for students to investigate an original toxicology case based on both lecture and poison control center experience. Once a hypothesis is formed, students will then utilize skills obtained from the drug information center to develop a search strategy, identify resources, and retrieve current literature. Retrieved literature will be evaluated, synthesized, and used to formulate a response to their specific toxicology case. Student findings will then be presented in the form of a research presentation and prepared for publication in the drug information center newsletter.

Results: Course structure, design, program outcomes, course outcomes, course objectives, and student research data/case study material will be presented.

Implications: Skills obtained from this course will enhance the future pharmacist's ability to react to an acute poisoning episode in a patient and enrich pharmacy curriculum.


Clinical toxicology, pharmacy curriculum, pharmaceutical science, drug information, poison control