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Standards 2016: Raising the Bar at Cedarville University

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American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education





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The ACPE Standards 2016 emphasize interprofessionalism to prepare students for working in healthcare teams, focus on curricular and co-curricular experiences to advance professional development, and underscore the importance of assessment. Cedarville University School of Pharmacy has sought to address these standards by incorporating interprofessional education, curricular and co-curricular professional development opportunities, and outcomes-based assessment. In their first year, students participate in interprofessional communication activities with nursing students. In their third year, they participate in a week-long ACLS training with nursing students and a fast-forward rounds case with nursing and social work students. A weekly, interprofessional trauma unit IPPE with medical and nursing students also is available. Students across the curriculum participate in a co-curricular, interprofessional activity, where students from pharmacy, nursing, medicine and other health professions use motivational interviewing to improve health outcomes in the local homeless population. Secondly, students’ professional development is the focus of several curricular and co-curricular opportunities. For example, student organizations, such as APhA-ASP, have bimonthly officer leadership development sessions. The Leadership and Business course incorporates essential skills by teaching students business skills, communication, professionalism and etiquette. Students create a business plan, attend a formal business dinner and participate in a business proposal Shark Tank event. Finally, all curricular activities are tied to outcomes-based assessment. The outcomes from each course are assessed for student achievement. Those scores are mapped to program outcomes in order to provide an objective and quantifiable way to measure how well we are meeting our learning outcomes and our program goals.


Interprofessional medical education, healthcare teams, professional development, pharmacy students