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Clinical and Economic Considerations Based on Persistency with a Novel Insulin Delivery Device versus Conventional Insulin Delivery in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes: A Retrospective Analysis

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Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy



Objective: Insulin is one of the most efficacious treatments for hyperglycemia; however, adherence to insulin therapy is poor, impacting its efficacy. Thus, the objectives of this study were to determine if persistent use of a new insulin delivery option, V-Go, improved clinical outcomes and secondly compare clinical and economic outcomes between persistent use of V-Go and conventional insulin delivery (CID).

Methods: A retrospective review of an outpatient clinic's records was performed. Patients initiating V-Go with documented persistent use of V-Go or resumed persistent use of CID after short-term V-Go use were included (≥5 months of persistency). Baseline data and a total of two post-V-Go or CID initiation visits were examined for clinical and economic outcomes. Cost-effectiveness of each therapy was calculated by dividing the mean cost difference (baseline to office visit 2) by the mean change in A1c (baseline to office visit 2).

Results: V-Go persistent patients had a significant decrease in A1c (−1.42; p < 0.001). Between baseline and office visit two, they required less insulin units/day and units/kg and had significantly lower A1c, insulin units/day, insulin units/kg, and 30-day insulin costs than CID patients. V-Go persistent patients had a lower incremental cost by $695.61 per 1% change in A1c compared to CID persistent patients.

Conclusions: Utilization of a new insulin delivery option resulted in improved clinical outcomes compared to CID and was more cost-effective. Clinicians and health plans should consider the use of new insulin delivery options for the management of patients with diabetes on insulin therapy to promote persistence.


Diabetes, pharmacy, insulin, medication, economics