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Secession, central government, devolution, rebellion, government responses, Christianity and government, secession in the Western world and Russia, effectiveness of government responses to secessionist movements, best government response to a secessionist movement, morality of secession


Governments and countries throughout history have risen and fallen while some have carried on through the years. However, some countries look very different from when they existed in previous times. Rulers and leaders have utilized many responses to rebellions and secessionist movements. These responses range from bloody and/or political repression, devolution, simply declaring secession unconstitutional or illegal, economic concessions/incentives, or even simply ignoring the problem. There is not only the debate as to what is the best way to put down a rebellion or secessionist movement, but also what is the right/moral response that the government should do to keep the country together in a democratic society. In order to answer the question as to what the best government reaction to a secessionist movement, then one needs to look at all the major options that have been used in modern history in Europe and North America and the impact they had on the country and how it affected that country’s society. One would have little choice after researching the issue but to say that the declaration of a secessionist movement is unconstitutional/illegal is the best response a government can use.


Dr. Glen Duerr

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