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E. H. Miller



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Following the resignation of Ira Vayhinger as President, the Business Manager of the College, Mr. E. H. Miller, was appointed as President. It was while Mr. Miller was President that Cedarville, in order to sustain the viability of the College, continued to actively seek a merger with another institution or to invite the assumption of operations by another church denomination. Without such action, it appeared that the College would be forced to close at the end of the 1952-1953 academic year. It was during early 1953 that the Baptist Bible Institute of Cleveland, looking for larger quarters for its growing program, made an offer to merge with Cedarville College and assume control not only of the charter and campus of the College but also of its growing debt. Following the unanimous vote of both Boards of Trustees to implement the merger, the transfer was completed on April 4, 1953. At that point E. H. Miller's tenure as president ended.

E. H. Miller