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Dr. William E. Brown is a graduate of the University of South Florida, and he holds a Master of Theology and Ph.D. from Dallas Theological Seminary. As a nationally recognized expert in worldview, Dr. Brown has authored three books and more than one hundred articles. Fifty-three excerpts from his book Where Have All the Dreamers Gone? appear in the Impact Student Leadership Bible, a project that incorporates hundreds of articles, notes, and study aids designed to help young people develop a balanced Christian worldview. He is also the executive producer of re:View, a film series that helps students discern culture (re-films.com). Under Brown’s tenure as President, financial aid was strategically restructured and student enrollment increased. With the addition of master’s degrees, online programs, and the doctoral degree in pharmacy, Cedarville’s overall enrollment reached 3,386 during the 2012-2013 academic year. During Dr. Brown's tenure, Cedarville added pharmacy, industrial and innovative design, forensic science, and journalism programs that meet the needs of students and employers. The University also increased international recruitment efforts, including an office in China. Enrollment and academic programs were only a part of Brown’s impact at Cedarville. He developed Vision 2020, a strategic plan to strengthen Cedarville and broaden its influence through the coming decade. More than $60 million was raised for scholarships, academic and ministry programs, new buildings and renovations, and daily operations for the University. Perhaps, though, his greatest strength was the relationships he fostered with students. In 10 years, he kept more than 600 lunch and coffee appointments with students, and he and his wife, Lynne, hosted nearly 200 student groups at their home. He was a regular “Getting Started” volunteer, creating special memories for freshmen who can say the President moved them into their residence halls. Dr. Brown was a favorite Monday morning chapel speaker, and students always looked forward to the stories he read at Campus Christmas. His care for students was authentic, and they loved him for that. Dr. Brown served as Chancellor of the university from July 2013 until July 2014. Dr. Brown and his wife have two grown children, April and Alex; a son-in-law, Jared; and two grandchildren, Jack and Liam.

William E. Brown