Psychology Faculty Dissertations



Dissertations from 2013


Differentiation and Relationship Satisfaction: Mediating Effects of Alcohol Use, Felisha L. Younkin

Dissertations from 2010


Infants' Reasoning About Self-Propelled Objects, Agents, and Animals, Di Wu

Dissertations from 2000


The Assessment of Differing Presentation Stimuli on Professional Ethics Judgments of Counselors-in-training, Michael W. Firmin


The Relationship Between Spiritual Well-Being and Counselor Adaptability Among Christian Counselors, Luke M. Tse

Dissertations from 1989

An Evaluation of the Relationship Between Personality Hardiness and Cardiovascular Reactivity During Active Coping Conditions, Milton E. Becknell

Dissertations from 1988

Behaviorism and the Nouthetic Counseling Model of Jay E. Adams, Michael W. Firmin

Dissertations from 1987


Construct and Criterion Validity of a Shortened form of the Total Individual Progress Level I Pre-Kindergarten Screen, Ruth E. Lowrie

Dissertations from 1982

A Study of Fundamentalist Christian College Students' Sex Roles and Their Relationship to Parental Sex Roles and Academics, Charles D. Dolph