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The present phenomenological, qualitative research study involved in-depth interviews of all 16 female, sophomore students involved in respective distance relationships at a private, selective, comprehensive, Midwest university. Among other results found in the study, the present article focuses on communication dynamics involved with the relationships. Results showed key communication constructs to involve learning to communicate in a distance milieu, interpreting the tone of their boyfriend’s voice, compensating for their lack of contexts, working harder at communication, and committing themselves to the extra efforts involved with good communication. Generally, the women were content with their relationships. We interpret the findings to infer that it likely takes special individuals to make the communication in distance relationships work effectively. Further, we conclude that potential distance relationship couples should discuss the dynamics involved in the present findings prior to initiating distance relationships in order to best enhance the chances for distance relationship success.


Long-distance relationships, communication, college students, relationships, qualitative research



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