Psychology Student Presentations



Presentations from 2020

Perceived Benefits of a Premarital Mentorship Program: Mentor Couples' Perspectives, Michael W. Firmin, Felisha L. Younkin, Megan E. Orr, Bethany A. Carson, and McKenzie L. Henry

The Perceived Common Issues of Couples: Mentor Couples’ Perspectives, Felisha L. Younkin, Michael W. Firmin, Bethany A. Carson, Anna Edwards, Sarah M. Shaw, and McKenzie L. Henry

The Role of Non-Discriminatory Bias in Everyday Life and in the Formation of Implicit Bias, Felisha L. Younkin, Michael W. Firmin, Benjamin Smid, Madison Ensign, Hannah Dobmeier, Caroline Wacome, and Bethany Williams

The Impact of Academic Major on Foreign Language Learning in College Students, Felisha L. Younkin, Merideth Hoagland Pitts, Audrey Podnar, Charlie Learned, and Karina Palmer

Presentations from 2019

Ethical Considerations Regarding Emotional Support Animals (ESA) Evaluations, Michael W. Firmin, Bethany Carson, Samantha Hershberger, Karolyn Sabo, Anna Edwards, and Elliott H. Gilmore

Potential Psychological Implications of the Inclusion of 6C72 Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder in the ICD-11, Michael W. Firmin and Matthew W. Shinkle

Perceived Professional Identities of Christian Healthcare Workers in Clinical Settings, Felisha L. Younkin, Michael W. Firmin, Rachel L. Parrill, Alexis D. Smith Ms., and Zachary J. Krauss

Presentations from 2018


An Exploration of International Students’ Institutional Experiences at Cedarville University, Jeffrey T. Jenks, Alexis D. Smith, and Sung Woo Kim


Effects of Therapy Dogs on Participants' Anxiety in Group Discussion, Kailee Grace Renne

Presentations from 2017


Relationship Quality of Siblings Attending the Same University, Ashley M. Belles


How Athletics Affect an Athlete’s Academic Performance, Rachel D. Cordle and Anna Forcelle


The Lonely Scroll: The Impact of Social Media on Loneliness in Introverts and Extroverts, Jessie D'Amico, Sarah E. Taylor, and Elizabeth Hansford

Philosophical and Altruistic Motivations Shared Among Public Defenders, Michael W. Firmin and Ying-Ruey Chuang

Reported Challenges of Serving as a Public Defender, Michael W. Firmin and Ying-Ruey Chuang

Contacting State Psychology Licensure Boards: General Unresponsiveness to Public Inquiry, Michael W. Firmin, Heidi M. Gibbs, Alyssa M. Massaro, and Reina C. Soczka


Developmental Results of Military Kids’ Upbringing: A Qualitative Analysis, Michael W. Firmin, Taylor E. Hobbs, Aubrey Gillette, and Hannah Grammer

Clinical Differences between the APA and NASP Ethical Codes, Michael W. Firmin, Lauren A. Kuhlwein, Nicole M. Tiffan, and Heidi M. Gibbs


Personal Frustrations of a Full-Time Firefighting Career, Michael W. Firmin, Ruth L. Markham, Nicole Tiffan, Heidi Gibbs, and Lauren Kuhlwein

Personal Frustrations Experienced in a Full-Time Firefighting Career, Michael W. Firmin, Nicole M. Tiffan, Heidi M. Gibbs, and Lauren A. Kuhlwein

Marked Lifestyle Changes in First Year College Women, Michael W. Firmin, Taryn Viers, and Mojadesinuola Adejokun


Phone Home: Parent-Child Support in College Students' Social Interaction, Ruth L. Markham, Cindy Cheung Siu, Nicole Tiffan, Samantha Kohli, and Jean-Luc Schieferstein


Perceptions of Homeschooling: A Qualitative Study of the Lives of Homeschool Parents, Thomas A. Sackett and Jacqlyn A. Fletcher


Stress and Sleep Quality: Mediating Effects of Social Support, Felisha L. Younkin, Elizabeth A. Axtell, and Chelsea R. Anderton

Presentations from 2015


Cognitive Distortions and Institutional Misconducts in Juvenile Delinquents, Shannah C. Gardiner and Jenna Berkstresser

Improving Cybersecurity Education, Seth Hamman, Ruth L. Markham, Andrew Chaplik, and Gabrielle Metzler

Freshman PKs at a Christian College: A Qualitative Study, Ruth L. Markham, Monica H. Arslain, and Aubrey Gillette

"That's So OCD!": A Qualitative Study Revealing Common Misconceptions About Christianity and OCD, Ruth Lowrie Markham, Lynley G. Turkelson, Kari E. Barnhill, and Sarah R. Denen

Pharmacy Students' Reflections as They Near Graduation, Ruth L. Markham, Andrew Voss, Kelli Anderson, Cassie Peterson, and Douglas C. Anderson


Premarital Sex in College Students: Factors that Influence Their Attitudes and Practices, Kara Nonnemacher, Chi-en Hwang, and Leah Furrow


Birth Order and Humor Styles, K. C. Pugh, Milton E. Becknell, and Di Wu

The Relationship Between Juvenile Residents' Cognitive Distortions and Misconducts in a Rehabilitation Center, Di Wu, David B. Leitch, Shannah C. Gardiner, and Jenna Berkstresser

Presentations from 2014

Residual Spiritual Shifts Regarding the Homeless Resulting from a College Poverty Immersion Experience, Michael Firmin, Ruth Markham, Kurt J. Stultz, Heidi J. Johnson, and Elizabeth Garland


Residual Spiritual Shifts Regarding the Homeless Resulting From a College Poverty Immersion Experience, Elizabeth Garland, Heidi J. Johnson, Michael W. Firmin, Ruth Lowrie Markham, and Kurt J. Stultz

The Effect of Familiarity with Background Music on College Students’ Performance of Reading Comprehension Tests, Heidi J. Johnson, Di Wu, Benjamin B. Holdredge, and William T. McKinley


The Perspective of College Seniors in ROTC on Becoming a Commissioned Officer, Natasha Kreft, Hans Stoltzfus, Luke M. Tse, and Ruth L. Markham


A Qualitative Study of Pastors' Kids at Cedarville University: A Pilot Study, Ruth L. Markham, Monica H. Arslain, and Eric C. Skowronski


Motivations and Implications of Secondary Jobs Among University Faculty: A Qualitative Study, Ruth L. Markham, Alexandra Iriana, Jessica Dyson, and Jeremiah Bollman

Second Star to the Right and Straight on ‘Til Morning: How to Bring the Peter Pan Generation to the Writing Center, Julie L. Moore, Ruth E. Towne, Austin Bush, and Jennifer S. McConkey

Presentations from 2013


Forgiveness and Spirituality, Chi-en Hwang, BrookeLyn Dietz, and Holly Sly

Qualitative Perspectives on Contraceptive Usage From Christian College Students, Katherine Langton, Jamie Lovett, Patricia Klay, Joel Israel, and Amanda J. Burger


Attribution of Personality Based on Attractiveness, Nichole Reaver and Chi-en Hwang

The Effects of Different Music Genres on the Working Memory, Di Wu, David M. Brush, and Adam J. Ripley

Presentations from 2012

The Father-Daughter Relationship on Self-Image, Katherine Langton, Tricia Maguire, Luke M. Tse, and H. Taylor

Christian Professional Women and Submission: An Examination in Role Reconciliation, Daniel Martinson, Luke M. Tse, Crysta Hutchinson, Nichole Reaver, and Elizabeth Fiest

Presentations from 2011


Accented Speakers May Find It Advantageous to Speak Up in Court, Charles D. Dolph, Jessica Robb, Stephanie Merrit, and Chi-en Hwang

Relationships Between Nonautistic Siblings and Their Parents, Luke M. Tse, Ellen Geib, and Amanda Hills

Presentations from 2010

Using Qualitative Research to Enhance Education, Research and Scholarship in Counselor Education, Luke M. Tse and Jessica Robb

Presentations from 2008

Individuals and Their Confidants' Viewpoints on Self-harm: A Qualitative Analysis, Luke M. Tse, Jillian S. Losee, and Kimberly R. Stephens

Presentations from 2007

External Dynamics Influencing Tattooing Among College Students: A Qualitative Analysis, Michael W. Firmin, Luke M. Tse, Janna B. Foster, and Tammy L. Angelini

Between Friends: A Qualitative Consideration of Humor Between Genders, Christina Taylor and Luke M. Tse

Behavioral Shifts: A Qualitative Analysis of Students' Awareness and Reaction to the Homeless, Luke M. Tse, Michael W. Firmin, Courtney B. Johnson, Yelena L. Vorobyov, and Jacklyn M. McKeon

Relationship Between Fathering Styles and Daughters' Interpersonal Competence Development in Early Adulthood, Luke M. Tse, Janelle Moffitt, and Laura Stokes

Presentations from 2006


Predicting IQ from the SAT: A Cross-validation Study, A. Beaujean, Michael W. Firmin, A. Knoop, Jared D. Michonski, Theodore P. Berry, and Ruth E. Lowrie


The Power of Association: Is Obesity's Stigma Contagious?, Charles D. Dolph, Danielle E. Goodling, Allison D. Allen, and Chi-en Hwang

Christian Student Perceptions of Body Tattoos: A Qualitative Analysis, Michael W. Firmin, Luke M. Tse, Janna B. Foster, and Tammy L. Angelini

Religious Impact of a Poverty Immersion Experience on College Students, Michael W. Firmin, Luke M. Tse, Courtney B. Johnson, Yelena L. Vorobyov, and Jacklyn M. McKeon

Parent and Child Views of Interracial Relationships, Luke M. Tse, Michael W. Firmin, Chi-en Hwang, and Stephanie Firebaugh

Presentations from 2004

Attitudes of Young Adults Toward Interracial Dating and Marriage Relationships, Luke M. Tse and Marigrace Guce