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Faculty Advisor

Dr. Ginger Cameron

Publication Date

Fall 11-9-2017


Waste and where it ends up is not a common discussion topic; in fact, it is often treated as a taboo subject. However, it has become necessary to examine this topic due to the growing ecological problems caused by the collection of garbage within our oceans. The Great Pacific Garbage patch, in particular, has grown quite large, and it is now affecting the health of people. This poster explores the ramifications of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. It discusses the background of the garbage patches and the impact of the issue. It also mentions the different determinants of health that are affected by such a form of pollution and the impact that it is having on pharmacy. Furthermore, the poster explains some ways to reduce this incident, both on a personal and a worldwide scale. Overall, this poster investigates the relationship between the Great Pacific Garbage patch and public health.


Environmental Public Health | Medicine and Health Sciences | Pharmacy Administration, Policy and Regulation | Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences | Public Health | Public Health Education and Promotion


East Pacific Garbage Patch, garbage and health, pharmacy and public health, trash, garbage patches

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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch



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