The Piano Teacher

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4-10-2013 3:00 PM

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The 19th-cenrury was full of changes. These changes affected every aspect of life and transformed societies, economies, and governments. The romantic era saw a dramatic shift in the view of composers and musicians. The public was slowly becoming more educated in the art of music and the role it could have in their everyday lives. Composers started to compose music just for the sake of composing and using their position as a composer to wield influence over others and how they viewed themselves. Composers also started writing works specifically for the piano to be played as solo literature. Changes to the piano brought about new challenges to the instrument and the way the piano was played. These challenges brought about by these composers and performers created an interesting phenomenon among the public. Because people were anxious to learn the piano and play these beautiful works by these artists, they needed someone to be able to teach them the technical aspects of the keyboard. In previous history, the piano or keyboard was learned in junction with other instruments and was only mastered by true pedagogues or composers. Now in the nineteenth century, the general public wanted to learn this stunning instrument and these composers were turning into teachers in order for their works to be performed well. These traits and changes are seen in the music of Johannes Brahms. Brahms was born in 1833 and died in 1897. His life was right in the middle of these changes and happenings of the 19th-cenrury. His piano music represents many of the challenges faced during this time and even today teachers are needed to explain these techniques to their students to fully enjoy this music.

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The Piano Teacher

Cedarville, OH