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Podium Presentation

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Dixon Ministry Center, Room 162


Cedarville, OH

Start Date

4-10-2013 2:20 PM

End Date

4-10-2013 2:40 PM



Collision avoidance systems have been developed and implemented in diverse ways. A result of collision avoidance technology is the development of a capability known as platooning. Platooning is the idea that one vehicle tracks and follows the movements of another. A major consideration in the implementation of platooning is the cost. In this project, a low-cost, but efficient implementation of a platooning system is designed and implemented using PIC18 microcontroller and various sensor technologies. Results from previous studies show that multiple types of sensors are far superior to using a single sensor in both the reliability and the cost. Therefore, ultrasonic sensors, IR, and RF sensors work independently in tracking the turns and distance, and then compete with each other to reach more accurate driving decisions. Low-cost PIC microcontrollers are selected as the major computing units. The experiments were performed on two microcontroller cars in a controlled laboratory environment. This low-cost implementation of vehicle platooning can be used to make the future of platooning vehicles on the highway more efficient and cost-effective. Also, the simplicity and ease of installation makes this system a good candidate for use in factories or other applications where it is beneficial for one machine to follow another.

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Creative Commons License
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Apr 10th, 2:20 PM Apr 10th, 2:40 PM

A Low-Cost Implementation of Vehicular Platooning Using PIC Microcontroller and Diversified Sensors

Cedarville, OH


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