Approaches to Reading Bonhoeffer's Das Gebetbuch der Bibel

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4-10-2013 1:00 PM

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4-10-2013 1:20 PM



Deitrich Bonhoeffer had an understanding of the Psalms that not many people, past or current, have. This is demonstrated In his book, Das Gebetbuch der Bibel (The Prayer Book of the Bible). Bonhoeffer used this book to show how understanding the Psalms teaches believers how to pray by breaking the prayers in the Psalms down to the same components as Jesus used in his prayer to teach the disciples. In order for the truths that Bonhoeffer wrote about to be true, they must have impacted his life in some way, and we propose that they certainly did. We will show how the book connects to Bonhoeffer's life in the following ways: 1. The themes in the book can be seen throughout Bonhoeffer's time in Harlem, New York. 2. The rise of the National Socialist government instituted an anti-Semitic environment into which Bonhoeffer's work was received. 3. The themes and lessons of the book played a large role Bonhoeffer's personal life during his time in prison. With these connections, we will also present an in-depth analysis of the Psalms that Bonhoeffer specifically references. We desire to enter the mind of a genius who loved God and lived a life accordingly, and we will do it mainly using Das Gebetbuch der Bibel.

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Apr 10th, 1:00 PM Apr 10th, 1:20 PM

Approaches to Reading Bonhoeffer's Das Gebetbuch der Bibel

Cedarville, OH