Type of Submission

Podium Presentation

Campus Venue

Dixon Ministry Center, Room 101


Cedarville, OH

Start Date

4-10-2013 1:20 PM

End Date

4-10-2013 1:40 PM



Our goal is to present research encouraging college writing centers to initiate relationships with urban high schools that do not yet have writing centers. As we examined the current state of existing secondary classroom writing centers, we realized that not much research extended specifically to urban environments. By encouraging capable college and university writing centers to reach out to nearby high schools, we hope to create a potential for healthy, working relationships between institutions of higher learning and high schools. By utilizing the resources available to college centers, we will show that inner-city high schools can receive the help and support they need in order to equip their students to truly succeed.

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Creative Commons License
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Apr 10th, 1:20 PM Apr 10th, 1:40 PM

Equipping These Kids: Connecting Collegiate Writing Centers to Urban High Schools

Cedarville, OH


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