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Catheterization, pediatrics

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4-10-2013 1:00 PM

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Objectives: There are many pediatric patients who have to perform clean intermittent catheterization (CIC) for the rest of their lives but fail to do so on a daily basis. Non-adherence to CIC causes many urological complications, including UTis, epididymitis, and decreasing renal function. The objective of this study was to identify factors that potentially promote or prevent adherence to CIC in pediatric patients. Methods: CINAHL and PubMed were searched using the keywords: urinary catheterization, clean intermittent catheterization, pediatric, adherence, and CIC. We put limits on the search for full-text articles in English that were published between 2007-2012. A total of 83 articles were found and 11 articles were kept. We included articles that focused on CIC and the quality of life for CIC patients of all ages. We excluded articles that focused on technical aspects of CIC instead of patient experience. Results: Our review suggests that there are many barriers to adherence to CIC. The nursing intervention that can have the most positive impact on CIC adherence is individualized education that addresses the named barriers. Conclusions: In order to improve and maintain adherence to CIC in pediatric patients, the nurse should recognize and manage potential barriers to CIC according to each patient's need. Individualized education should address all applicable barriers and include possible solutions. Recommendations: There were few studies done for the pediatric population and many of the studies that we found were at the qualitative, descriptive level. More research at the experimental level is necessary in order to support and test these findings.

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Adherence to Clean Intermittent Catheterization Treatment in Pediatric Patients: A Comprehensive Review of Literature

Cedarville, OH


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