Parallel Plate Flow Chamber Design to Study Endothelial Cell Response

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Therapeutic hypothermia

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Background: Therapeutic hypothermia is a relatively new supplemental treatment for patients experiencing return of spontaneous circulation after non-traumatic cardiac arrest. Typical treatment uses normothermia, and the purpose of this study was to determine if therapeutic hypothermia is more beneficial. Methods: We searched PubMed, Medline, CINAHL, and ScienceDirect in order to review non-randomized and randomized clinical trials, systematic reviews, and meta-analyses on the risks and benefits of therapeutic hypothermia. We also interviewed an RN and a paramedic to learn the current protocols in-hospital and pre-hospital. Results: Five of the nine articles used concluded that therapeutic hypothermia is significantly beneficial, while the other tour determined that more research is needed. From the interviews conducted, we determined that therapeutic hypothermia is not implemented to the extent that research suggests. Conclusion: Although further research is needed, therapeutic hypothermia was found to have either beneficial or neutral effects on the patient, and there is no clinically significant difference in starting the therapy pre-hospital or in-hospital. By continuing research to determine the most effective temperature, cooling method, and duration of treatment, and increasing education of health care professionals, more lives can be saved through the implementation of therapeutic hypothermia.

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Parallel Plate Flow Chamber Design to Study Endothelial Cell Response

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