What Are Pharmacist's Thoughts on Social Media Being the Next Counseling Stage?

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11 ,983 registered Ohio pharmacists were surveyed on their thoughts towards social media as the next counseling stage. The survey consisted of multiple choice and a short answer question that adequately measured the pharmacists' thoughts on social media. 640 pharmacists replied to give a basic consensus of the attitude toward social media as a counseling stage. Most of the pharmacists that were surveyed stated that they use at least one form of social media and most of them said they would not feel comfortable counseling a patient via social media. Their biggest concern was the privacy issue, but they also worried that the information that the pharmacist gives the patient could be misunderstood or misinterpreted. It is much easier to read facial expressions and be able to tell whether or not someone is understanding what you are saying versus trying to decipher their understanding through text. The majority of the surveys said they felt that only the younger age groups would benefit from the social media counseling because most elderly people do not use social media outlets at all. Surprisingly, most of the pharmacists that were surveyed felt like customers would not feel more comfortable with getting counseling online. The prediction was that the patients would be embarrassed to ask certain questions in a face to face conversation. Overall, this survey seemed to shed some light on different issues that could be Involved with counseling via social media. This could be the next way of counseling but not without fixing some of the issues that were mentioned above.

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What Are Pharmacist's Thoughts on Social Media Being the Next Counseling Stage?

Cedarville, OH