Community Pharmacist Consultation: How Satisfied Is the Patient?

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4-10-2013 1:00 PM

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4-10-2013 5:00 PM



Studies concerning patients' satisfaction with community pharmacy drug Information, which is usually provided at drug dispensing, show patients' satisfaction, dissatisfaction, and desires to improve the communication about drugs. Researchers want to find ways pharmacists can enhance the overall drug information services, which would improve patient's knowledge and increase medication safety. The goal of this research was to survey patients in a community pharmacy setting to see what areas of drug Information were satisfactory and which areas could be improved. The research process involved passing out surveys to two different community pharmacies: Town Drugs and Madison Avenue Pharmacy. The survey consisted of a series of questions related to patients' satisfaction with pharmacists' consultation about medication uses. Pharmacy students distributed and received in return from both community pharmacies sixty surveys from patients over the age of 40. Overall, the results of the surveys showed the majority of patients were highly satisfied with pharmacist consultation in their community pharmacies. This outcome allowed community pharmacists to see how well they communicated with their patients. This outcome could also encourage pharmacists to place even more importance on the patient-pharmacist interaction, which seems to be directly related to the patient's overall satisfaction. After analyzing the results, researchers found some patients didn't know their community pharmacy offered medication counseling, which shows pharmacists and pharmacy technicians should find ways to increase awareness of medication counseling and other services provided. Patients that did receive drug information from their pharmacists felt it was sufficient and of value. Overall, this study shows that drug Information, either provided written or verbally, can enhance patient satisfaction, education, and overall confidence in their medication regimen.

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Community Pharmacist Consultation: How Satisfied Is the Patient?

Cedarville, OH