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Black Fly Species Inhabiting Northern Ohio Streams, Rivers and Natural Pond Outlets

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Poster Session

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Society for Freshwater Science National Meeting


Portland, OR


Black flies (DIPTERA: SIMULIIDAE) account for a significant proportion of the biomass that occurs in streams; and many adult simuliids are serious pests of man, birds and mammals. Historically, the distribution of black flies in Ohio’s rivers and streams has been poorly documented. Black fly immatures were collected from at least two streams within the 49 counties in northern Ohio. Additional habitats in the northern counties, such as large rivers and natural pond outlets, were sampled as well. The black flies were preserved in Carnoy’s solution and identified using cytological methods. Two hundred and thirty black fly county records were established for northern Ohio. In addition, six species not previously known to occur in Ohio were discovered (Prosimulium canutum, Prosimulium fuscum, Prosimulium magnum, Simulium claricentrum, Simulium fionae, and Cnephia dacotensis). Most of these new state records were collected from habitats within the northeastern region of Ohio. Twenty-seven species within four genera were collected within the northern counties.


Black flies, Ohio