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The thermal decomposition temperatures of several commercial and custom synthesized perfluoroalkylether fluids were determined with a computerized tensimeter. In general, the decomposition temperatures of the commercial fluids were all similar and significantly higher than those for custom synthesized fluids. Correlation of the decomposition temperatures with the molecular structures of the primary components of the commercial fluids revealed that the stability of the fluids is not affected by intrinsic factors such as carbon chain length, branching, or cumulated difluoroformal groups. Instead, correlation with extrinsic factors revealed that the stability may be limited by the presence of small quantities of thermally unstable material and/or chlorine-containing material arising from the use of chlorine-containing solvents during synthesis. Finally, correlation of decomposition temperatures with molecular weights for Demnum and Krytox fluids supports a chain cleavage reaction mechanism for Demnum fluids and an unzipping reaction mechanism for Krytox fluids.


Alkyl compounds, thermal decomposition



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