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Technical Memorandum

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NASA Technical Memorandum (102116)


A computerized tensimeter and experimental procedure for determination of the thermal decomposition temperature (Td) of perfluoroalkylethers have been developed and tested. Both the I+ m apparatus and the procedure are described in detail. Results of QU) testing with bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthlalate and trimethylolpropane wI triheptanoate demonstrate that the reciprocal of the decomposition temperature is a linear function of the logarithm of the gas volume/heated liquid volume ratio. The Td obtained for each compound at a gas volume/heated liquid volume ratio of one was similar to the value previously reported using an isoteniscope technique. Results of testing with a polymer of hexafluoropropylene oxide demonstate that this instrument and procedure can be used to determine the Td of perfluoroalkylethers.


Thermal stability, perfluoroalkylethers, tensimetry



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