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Five modes of operat1on (absorpt1on, em1ssion, single reflectance, attenuated total reflectance, and photoacoust1c) of a N1colet 7199 Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer have been 1nvest1gated in order to determ1ne which modes were most su1table for qualitative analysis of jet fuel depos1ts. The absorption and emission modes were'found to be the most advan~ tageous for invest1gation of the bulk and surface propert1es of accelerated storage/thermal depos1ts where relat1vely large quantit1es of depos1t are generally ava1lable.

The general effects of fuel type, stress temperature, stress time, type of sp1k1ng agent, sp1k1ng agent concentration, fuel flow, and postdepos1t1onal treatment on the chem1cal nature of accelerated storage/thermal depos1ts were then 1nvest1gated by FTIR by systemat1cally vary1ng these parameters.

A correlat1on of the infrared spectra and chem1cal structure of model fuel storage/thermal depos1ts has been attempted.


FTIR analysis, aviation fuel



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