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The Genevan Psalter is a collection of metrical Psalms created under the supervision of John Calvin to encourage congregational participation during worship. The first edition appeared in 1539, but this 1562 edition was the first to contain settings of all 150 psalms, mostly based on the work of French poet Clément Marot, and French theologian Théodore de Bèze. The Genevan Psalter has been in uninterrupted use to the present day by Huguenot and other French speaking Protestant churches, and many of the tunes used in the psalter can still be found in most modern hymnals.


The copy of the psalter used to create the PDF (Additional Files) and the flipping book (the Read Online button) is in the public domain and made possible by courtesy of Bibliothèque de Genève, accessed through e-rara. DOI:

Les Pseaumes mis en rime françoise.pdf (58321 kB)
Genevan Psalter, courtesy of Bibliothèque de Genève,


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