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A comprehensive examination of each of the four Gospels was utilized to perform an historical analysis of the teaching techniques of Jesus Christ for insights into student application in the teaching/learning process of contemporary Christian education. The objective of this exploration was to ascertain if Jesus used the necessary variety of instructional methods to meet the perceptive requirements of every learning style as defined by the Visual/Auditory/Read-Write/Kinesthetic (VARK) Learning Style model. Each event and circumstance in the life of Christ was then classified using the VARK rubric.

Out of 71 extant learning style models, of which seven representing the more widely-known systems are discussed in some depth, VARK was chosen as the principal investigatory paradigm, as its definitive learning preference categories and their corresponding didactic techniques can still be readily discerned through biblical narratives exclusive of the need for individual, personalized assessments-- now impossible to obtain at the remove of over two centuries.

Throughout history, Christ has been hailed as a Master Teacher, even by those who do not accept His deity. This research has determined that the teaching practices of the Master Teacher did meet the learning style preferences of individuals in each category of learner. Thus those of us who do worship Him as the sinless Son of God, who follow His perfect model and teach in His Name, must likewise seek to incorporate and employ His entire repertoire of instructional techniques into our personal methodologies in order to successfully meet all our pupils’ learning style needs.


A Thesis Submitted to Atlantic Coast Theological Seminary in Accordance with the Requirements of the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

Copyright © 2012 by Patricia Louise Melvin Bennett. All rights reserved

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