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Cedarville University


Cedarville, Staley, John Davis, archeology, archaeology, biblical studies

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2-12-1973 10:00 AM

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2-16-1973 11:00 AM


Lecture Theme: Modern Archaeology and Bible History


Dr. John J. Davis presently serves in two positions at Grace Theological Seminary, Winona Lake, Indiana: Associate Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew plus Director of Admissions and Registrar. His college work was taken at Trinity (B.A.) and his theological training (B.D., Th.M., Th.D.) was gained at Grace Theological Seminary. He was recently honored with the Doctor of Divinity degree by his alma mater, Trinity College.

In his brief years of ministry, Dr. Davis has become the prolific author of five books, all published by the Baker Book House: Biblical Numerology (1968), Conquest and Crisis: Studies in Joshua, Judges, and Ruth (1969), The Birth of a Kingdom: Studies in the Books of Samuel and I Kings (1970), Moses and the Gods of Egypt: Studies in the book of Exodus (1971), and Mummies, Men and Madness (1972). He has also outlined a chart, Hebrew Language: An Analysis of the Strong Verb, printed by Baker (1971). In addition, he has penned many articles found within such periodicals and books as the Grace Journal, Brethren Missionary Herald, The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia, and the Zondervan Dictionary of Archaeology.

Very active in professional meetings, he holds membership in these national societies: Evangelical Theological Society (national membership committeeman), Creation Research Society, American Schools of Oriental Research, National Association of Professors of Hebrew, and the Near East Archaeological Society (national treasurer). Dr. Davis is well known in the area of Biblical archaeology for both his writing and field experiences. He served as the Academic Dean for the Wheaton Summer Institute of Archaeology, Jerusalem (1968). He was on the staff for the Tekoa excavations in Israel (1968, 1970). He also ministered as the Executive Dean of the Near East Institute of Archaeology, Jerusalem (1970, 1971).

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1972-1973 Program Overview

Lecture Theme: Modern Archaeology and Bible History


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