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Cedarville University


Cedarville, Staley, Richard Swenson

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2-6-2001 10:00 AM

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2-8-2001 11:00 AM


Lecture Theme: An Infinite Creator and His Finite Creation


Richard A. Swenson, M.D., received his B.S. in physics Phi Beta Kappa from Denison University (1970) and his M.D. from the University of Illinois School of Medicine (1974). Following five years of private practice, in 1982 Dr. Swenson accepted a teaching position as associate clinical professor with the University of Wisconsin Medical School, where he taught for 15 years. In 1994, he was named Teacher of the Decade within the residency where he worked. He currently is director of the Future Health Study Center and a fellow at the Tournier Institute. His focus is "cultural medicine," researching the intersection of health, culture, faith, and the future.

Dr. Swenson has traveled extensively, including a year of study in Europe and medical work in developing countries. He is the author of Margin: Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives (NavPress, 1992) and The Overload Syndrome: Learning to Live within Your Limits (NavPress, 1998). Both received Gold Medallion nomination awards. His newest release is Hurtling Toward Oblivion: A Logical Argument for the End of the Age (NavPress, 1999).

He has written and presented widely, in both national and international settings, on the themes of margin, stress, overload, life balance, complexity, and societal change. A representative listing of his audiences includes career, professional, medical, and management groups; most major church denominations; Congress; and the Pentagon. He was an invited guest participant for the 44th Annual National Security Seminar.

Dr. Swenson and his wife, Linda, live in Menomonie, Wisconsin, with their two sons, Adam and Matthew.

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Feb 6th, 10:00 AM Feb 8th, 11:00 AM

2000-2001 Program Overview

Lecture Theme: An Infinite Creator and His Finite Creation


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