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Note on slide: "Oldest picture of down town Cedarville. 1862" This is a picture of a newspaper clipping which says: "The building in the foreground at the left is what is now the Ridgway Store. Next in the yard is the now Ridgeway residence. The frame at the right, a one story, was the Boyd restaurant which burned some years ago. The two story building is the Cedar Inn. The store building was owned and occupied by J. F. Frazier. Picture taken in 1862. The boy on the horse is Kill Dunlap, then Charles Dunlap, Mrs. Charles Dunlap, then Will Weymouth and at the right is Mrs. Andrew Jackson. The man at the back of the buggy is John Reif. Note the style of the buggies, the uping block and hitching rack. The picture is owned by Mrs. H. L. Nash, Xenia"

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Cedarville, Ohio