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Cedarville College


Cedarville, Ohio, United States of America


From the Introduction:

“The distinguishing characteristic of the people who founded Cedarville College was their firm commitment to principles of biblical Christianity. That same commitment is seen in the people who maintain it. Reformed Presbyterians founded the college ‘For the Crown and Covenant of Christ’. Regular Baptists have maintained it ‘For the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ’ (Rev. 1:9). The mission and objectives of the institution mark it as a distinctly Christian college. The doctrinal statements of both the Presbyterians and Baptists reveal a firm commitment to the basic principles of historic fundamentalism.

The thesis of this volume may be stated very simply. There were three keys to the early success of Cedarville College. First, a strong tie to a church constituency, the Reformed Presbyterian Church in North America. Second, strong executive leadership. Third, a strong tie with the local community.

Gradually, Cedarville lost all three. Through its last decade as a Presbyterian institution, Cedarville was a college in trauma. In an act of gracious Christian statesmanship, they turned the campus over to a group representing the Baptist Bible Institute of Cleveland. After a faltering beginning, the Regular Baptists began to redevelop the three key elements necessary for success. In the process, Cedarville College has established a unique niche for itself.”

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