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From the Foreword:

“God has been faithful to Cedarville University. As we look back over Cedarville’s 125-year history, we can clearly see His direction, and provision. As Cedarville chancellor, Dr. Paul Dixon, has often said, ‘When people ask me to explain Cedarville’s success, the only response is God.’ The University motto, ‘For the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ,’ remains our call today. The narrative of this book demonstrates the impact of God’s word through God’s people. He has worked through faculty, staff, trustees, administrators, friends, alumni, donors, and parents to educate and equip generations of students to engage the world for Jesus Christ. The full extent of their ministry in shaping lives for God’s glory will never be known this side of heaven. Dr. Mach was a student of Dr. Murray Murdoch, who wrote the original history of Cedarville in 1987 to commemorate the university’s centennial celebration. Dr. Mach has provided an excellent review of the last twenty-five years and integrated it into Dr. Murdoch’s previous work. The influence of our graduates is spreading around the world, and Christ is being lifted up in the hearts of thousands. Preparing students for this calling has always been and always will be at the heart of Cedarville’s mission.”

William E. Brown
Cedarville University President, 2003-2013

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