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From the Preface:

“At my first department retreat at Cedarville University in 2009, one of my new colleagues, Chuck Clevenger, told me that the real ‘guardians’ of the University Mission are the faculty. Faculty are entrusted with providing an excellent education in submission to biblical authority. Beyond the professional training and sound biblical teachings, the person and godly character of the faculty has the potential to leave a greater impression on students than any other aspect of university life. Faculty are in the trenches discipling students day by day through all the grit and glory of their 1000 days. Whether in the rehearsal room, the studio, or the classroom, the faculty members featured in this book have left a mark of ministry that has changed the lives, turned the direction, and inspired a renewed consecration in many students who came to Cedarville to pursue a career in Music or participate in music ensembles. In addition to sound musical abilities, students graduate with a strengthened commitment to ministry in their future lives.”

Sandra Yang
Professor of Music History, 2009-present

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