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From the Foreword:

“Cedarville University has always been about God and people. Life is about God and people. Cedarville has been a truly blessed Christian University. We know who we are. Our mission has been clear that we are Christ-centered and committed to excellence because He personifies quality and we believe everything done in His name should have quality stamped all over it. The reason Cedarville has been consistent, unwavering, and fruitful is because of all of the quality people God has sent to us. We have excelled in enrollment, academics, finances, fund-raising, and reputation due to His people. The legacy in “the Ville” is not buildings or programs; it is exceptional Christians. Professor Barbara Loach has captured this story in a very special way. In recent years, I have wanted to do a book on the people whose names are on our buildings. Many of them are in heaven. God knows and remembers them. There would be no Cedarville University today without their legacy. Many served behind the scenes as trustees, administrators, faculty, staff, donors, alumni, etc. Colleges and universities are about traditions, history, and legacy. Thank the Lord for multitudes who have crossed our institutional path and marked us as individuals for eternity.”

Paul H. Dixon, Chancellor of Cedarville University, 2003-present

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