Theatre Productions


Arthur Miller

Performance Dates

January 26-28, February 3-5, 2012

Artistic Staff

Director: Matthew M. Moore

Set Designer: Robert L. Clements

Costume Designer: Donald N.C. Jones

Lighting Designer: Timothy Phipps

Stage Manager: Keely Heyl

Vocal Coach: Rebecca Baker

Dramaturg: Benjamin Isaac Scheerschmidt

Dramaturgy Coordinator: Diane Conrad Merchant


What price are you willing to pay to defend the truth? Arthur Miller’s The Crucible explores this important question against the backdrop of the Salem Witch Trials of the late 1600s. Based loosely on historical fact, The Crucible chronicles the destruction of a community when power is abused and truth is twisted. And while the play’s setting dates back more than 300 years, its themes speak convincingly to our 21st century lives. Experience this searing drama — Miller’s unforgettable exploration of power, integrity, and the high cost of truth.


Historical drama


Cedarville, Ohio, United States of America


Theatre and Performance Studies


Arthur Miller, The Crucible, Cedarville University, theatre



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The Crucible



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