Theatre Productions


Tennessee Williams

Performance Dates

March 29-31 and April 12-14, 2007

Artistic Staff

Director: Matthew Michael Moore

Designer: Donald N.C. Jones

Lighting Designer: Robert L. Clements


Tom, who is both a narrator and a character in Tennessee Williams' masterwork, recalls his family's struggle to escape the realities of life in 1939 St. Louis. Amanda, his mother, is trying to provide for the future in difficult times, but the responsibility of being the breadwinner has fallen to Tom. His frail sister, Laura, has shielded herself from society's expectations with a homebound life where she finds comfort caring for her collection of little glass animals. Inevitably, Tom becomes desperate to escape his circumstances and follow his dreams just as a "gentleman caller" arrives for Laura - a caller who could be either a sign of hope or a disturbance that will shatter their fragile home.

This haunting American classic speaks as profoundly to our 21st century way of life as it did when it premiered in 1945. Its timeless themes of enduring family crises, escaping reality, and dreaming of a better future resonate powerfully in our turbulent times and make it an excellent reminder of how to fully embrace the reality of our lives.




Cedarville, Ohio, United States of America


Arts and Humanities | Theatre and Performance Studies


Glass Menagerie, Tennessee Williams, Cedarville University, theatre



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The Glass Menagerie




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