Theatre Productions


Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee

Performance Dates

April 25-27, May 2-4, 2002

Artistic Staff

Director: David H. Robey

Designer: Donald N.C. Jones


Written by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee, Inherit the Wind is loosely based on the famous 1925 Scopes “Monkey Trial” in Dayton, Tenn. In a sweltering summer courtroom, famous lawyers Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan battled over whether John T. Scopes had violated Tennessee state law by teaching evolution in his classroom. The play uses this “trial of the century” to raise issues about evolution, the dignity of the human mind, and the authority of God’s Word—issues which are still on trial in the public arena today. This is a fast-paced and intense drama that combines gospel music, courtroom drama, and powerful emotions.




Cedarville, Ohio, United States of America


Arts and Humanities | Theatre and Performance Studies


Inherit the Wind, Cedarville University, theatre



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Inherit the Wind




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