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William Shakespeare

Performance Dates

October 3-13, 2019

Artistic Staff

Director: Diane Conrad Merchant

Scenic Designer: Jonathan Sabo

Costume, Hair, and Makeup Designer: Rebekah Priebe

Sound Design: Timothy Phipps

Lighting Designer: Cory Brookins

Dramaturg: Blake Hansher

Vocal Coaches: Rebecca Baker and Emily Hunnemeyer

Curtain Call Choreographer: Sara Humphrey


This earliest of Shakespeare’s comedies is set in the ancient Greek town of Ephesus, where two sets of brothers had been separated in infancy during a tragic shipwreck long ago. Antipholus of Syracuse and his servant Dromio arrive in town, not knowing that it is the home of Antipholus of Ephesus and his servant, Dromio. Ephesian law forbids anyone from Syracuse to come into the town, and if caught doing so, will be put to death unless able to pay an enormous ransom. Egeon, father of the Antipholus twins, convinces the ruler of Ephesus to give him one day to find his long lost son. He is granted the time, and comic misadventures unfold as themes of mistaken identity, romantic disasters, false accusations and confusion take place. The befuddlement of the characters is even more fun for the audience to watch since we can tell the twins apart, but the characters cannot!




Cedarville, Ohio, United States of America


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The Comedy of Errors



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