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Academic Catalogs (Graduate)
This collection begins with the first graduate bulletin from the 2003-2004 academic year.

Academic Catalogs (Undergraduate)
This collection begins with the first catalog from the 1895-1896 academic year.

Alumnotes is the alumni newsletter of Cedarville University.

Annual Report
The annual report of Cedarville University

Cedars is the award-winning student newspaper of Cedarville University.

Cedarville College Alumni News and Aviso
Cedarville College Alumni News and Aviso are former alumni newsletters.

Cedarville College Bulletin
The Cedarville College Bulletin continued the numbering and name of Testimony, the newsletter published by the Baptist Bible Institute of Cleveland, through November 1955. In December 1955, the name was changed from Testimony to Bulletin of Cedarville College, and in August 1967, the name was changed to Cedarville College Bulletin.

Cedarville Magazine
Cedarville Magazine combines the best of our previous Torch and Inspire publications into a single University magazine. This publication highlights the influence of the Cedarville family and distinctive elements of a Cedarville education, while providing a resource to help readers think through today’s critical issues and live out a biblical worldview.

CU Around Campus
Access to this collection is restricted.

This is a complete collection of Cedarville College and Cedarville University Factbooks, beginning with the first edition in 1988.

The Gavelyte
The Gavelyte was published by The Gavel Club, an organization founded in 1905 when "a number of students of Cedarville College, realizing a deficiency in the practice of parliamnetray law and in the technic of conducting public meetings as well as in their Literary training were led to organize a club to remedy the common deficiency."

Inspire, the alumni magazine, celebrated the unique influence of the Cedarville University family and helped readers stay connected to one another and to the University. Inspire ceased publication following the summer 2012 issue and was merged with Torch into the new Cedarville Magazine. Publication of the new alumni newsletter, Alumnotes, began in the fall of 2012.

Living Springs
Living Springs was a monthly publication for senior citizens, published in the late 1970s and early 1980s by Christian Educational Publications, a former publishing arm of Cedarville College, in association with the College's Christian Service Department.

Miscellaneous Yearbooks and Annuals
This collection includes yearbooks from the Baptist Bible Institute of Cleveland and early annuals from Cedarville College.

Torch provided the Cedarville community with a biblical perspective on today's critical issues. Faculty members at Cedarville offered insightful viewpoints to help readers respond to contemporary questions with the heart and mind of Christ. Torch ceased publication following the Spring/Summer 2012 issue and was merged with Inspire into the new Cedarville Magazine.

Update is the newsletter of the Advancement Division of Cedarville University.

View Books
This collection features the "view books", or admissions brochures, distributed by Cedarville College and Cedarville University.

Year 1
Year 1 was published annually at Cedarville College from 1980 through 1996. It contained pictures of freshmen and transfer students and listed the students' majors, home towns, and other information, along with pictures of campus life.

This collection contains all the yearbooks of Cedarville College and Cedarville University, beginning with the first yearbook from 1915. The yearbook was known as Cedrus prior to 1954, and since that year it has been known as Miracle.