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This memorial was erected to perpetuate the memory of Horace Mann, 1796-1859, first president and founder of Antioch College. He was an able lawyer, a great statesman, and a pioneer in education. Hugh Taylor Birch donated this statue in 1936. In Boston, in front of the State House, stand two large statues, one of Daniel Webster and the other of Horace Mann. The latter was cast in Munich, Germany, over 70 years ago, and the mold left there. Through the efforts of Mr. Birch it was found in the 1930s in a small museum in Munich and was used to produce a replica statue for erection near Bryan Park. Even more interesting is the fact that the son of the man who cast the original statue, cast this second statue for Mr. Birch. Upon the day of Horace Mann's election to the presidency of Antioch College, he was also nominated for the governorship of Massachusetts.


Greene County, Ohio