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Residence Hall

Rickard Dorm

Job Position

Vice-President of Student Services


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Creation Date

Winter 1-1-2024


Don Rickard came to Cedarville in 1970 to serve as Dean of Students and, under his leadership, the Division of Student Services expanded to include Career Services, Counseling Services, and Campus Activities. As the division grew, Rickard’s role was elevated to Vice President of Student Services. Under his leadership, the division became a significant force in meeting students’ social needs on campus. Rickard was a student at Cedarville in the 1950’s but transferred to nearby Central State University to earn his BA degree in psychology in 1963 and an MA degree from Eastern Michigan University in 1968. In his early years as dean at Cedarville, he increased the division’s interaction with students through a course he taught, serving as the advisor for the Student Government Association, and participating in student events. Though his position grew to become more administrative as a vice president, he always continued to focus on supporting the goals of the university by helping students to grow in personal and spiritual maturity through love and discipline. The theme verse for the division was “By love, serve one another,” (Galatians 5:13). Upon his retirement in 2000, he continued to represent the university in churches and schools across the country. Rickard Hall was named in his honor in 2002.

Source: Barbara Loach, Cedarville University: Defining Legacies